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Planet Fitness has been a leader for 30 years in fitness, and now they’re taking it to the next level by introducing Red Light Therapy. This new addition to Planet Fitness is sure to be a massive hit with its members.

Planet Fitness’s total body enhancement before-and-after photos are a blog post that illustrates the dramatic difference in the appearance of Planet Fitness members after using red light therapy.

While working out at the gym is essential and beneficial in many ways, there are times when it feels like you could do more. What should you do? Planet Fitness offers a service that will improve your gym experience and provide additional benefits. Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement should be something you try.

Planet Fitness – What is Total Body Enhancement?

Is it not true that “whole body enhancement” sounds too good to be true? Think about your situation. This is not a trick, it’s a tool that can really improve your physique results if used on a daily basis. What exactly is Total Body Enhancement?

You’ve probably seen the Total Body Enhancement machine at Planet Fitness many times. You might find it intimidating from the outside, especially if you don’t know what it is for.

The Total Body Enhancement machine (also known as the “Beauty Angel RVT 30”) is a booth that uses red light therapy bulbs like a traditional tanning booth. Planet Fitness offers red light therapy! If you have been a Black Card member for many years, you don’t know what you’ve missed!

How does Total Body Enhancement work?

You may be apprehensive about red light treatment if you haven’t used it before. However, the Total Body Enhancement machine uses non-damaging UV rays, so there’s no risk of your skin getting damaged or increasing your chance of developing skin cancer.

The Total Body Enhancement Machine is a great option for those who are hesitant about trying it. It gives red light treatment and vibrates and lets you listen to music inside. There’s nothing better than that!

Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement Machine is well worth the effort, combining whole-body vibration and red light therapy. It is essential to understand how these two components interact.

Red light therapy uses low-light wavelengths to emit light through the skin. They speed up tissue repair and regeneration by stimulating collagen and blood flow. 1

Whole-Body Vibration: This is exactly how it sounds. Ground platform vibrations transmit energy throughout the body. This causes your muscles to contract and relax hundreds of times per second. It’s like a workout.

You get the Total Body Enhancement Machine when you combine these two components and add music to lift your spirits. You can expect to be soaked as soon as you leave the room. This is a great way to warm up for your major exercise.  

The pros and cons of total body enhancement

Before evaluating a product’s or service’s benefits and drawbacks, it is essential to assess the actual benefits. The following are ways you can benefit from the Total Body Enhancement Machine:

  • ATP stimulation (adenosine triphosphate stimulation) results in increased energy before exercising.
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin production improves skin suppleness, reduces wrinkles, and minimizes stretch marks.
  • Cellulite can be reduced over time.
  • Increase the body’s ability to burn fat effectively
  • You can improve your warmup by increasing blood flow to the muscles.
  • Reduced inflammation in the joints and muscles

These are just some of the many benefits of Total Body Enhancement. Consider the following:


  • You will receive a 12-minute warmup or invigorating “exercise” that is toning and toning.
  • This will help you strengthen your legs, arms, and glutes.
  • Regular use will result in a firming and toning of the body.
  • Assists with stress reduction


  • You must have a Black Card to use Total Body Enhancement.
  • Your final decision is up to you, but there are plenty of indications that it should be tried at least once.

How can Planet Fitness use Total Body Enhancement?

You can use the Total Body Enhancement machine even if you need to learn how it works. You can use the machine at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do once you are inside.

These are the correct methods for using Total Body Enhancement.

  • Press the Start Button on the remote.
  • To activate vibrating foot pads, press the white button on your remote (one of four white buttons). The foot symbol should light up if you click the button twice.
  • Next, choose the vibration intensity program you want. There are four options. You can browse your options by pressing the button with a + at its top.
  • After you have selected your foot vibration setting, allow the LED screen to clear.
  • Now, it is time to focus on the fan. This symbol can be found at the top right of the remote. To turn on the fan, press the white button on your remote’s right side twice.
  • To adjust the fan speed, press the top button with the + when the light comes on. To keep cool, increase the temperature to around 11
  • All set!

The instructions for using the Total Body Enhancement machine are simple and easy to follow once you have mastered it. These instructions will help you feel confident about accessing the machine and making use of its many features.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Results

Undoubtedly, you are curious about the possible results of using the Total Body Enhancement machine. Personal variables such as how often you use the machine, what exercise and nutrition plan are used with it, and many other factors will determine your results.

Both red light therapy (the main component of Total Body Enhancement) and whole-body vibratory are effective on their own. It is reasonable to assume that they will work together.

The benefits of red light therapy have been proven to be beneficial for the skin and body. Your skin and body will start to improve if you use the Total Physique Enhancement device regularly. 2

Whole-body vibration has also been shown to reduce weight and fat loss and increased flexibility and blood flow. It is also linked with increased strength, reduced stress, decreased muscle soreness, greater power, and increased energy.

You must use Total Body Enhancement consistently and often to reap the long-term benefits and achieve your desired results. Don’t despair if you don’t notice any results after just one use. You will notice subtle changes as you use the computer more often.

Review of the Planet Fitness Black Card

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Planet Fitness is the king.

Planet Fitness Rule may be found at Rules-and-Regulations A4 Nov2014.pdf. Go to this website.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What wavelength is Planet Fitness using for their red light treatment?

A: The Total Body Elevation machine offers many benefits to your body, combining near-infrared wavelengths and visible red light.

Q: Should I use Total Body Enhancement after or before I exercise?

R: The Total Body Enhancement machine can be used before or after exercise, depending on your goals. The machine will make you feel more energetic, so use it before your workout. The machine can also be used after a workout to help reduce inflammation.

Q: Is there any side effect to Total Body Enhancement?

Q: Total Body Enhancement is an all-natural therapy with no side effects. It is essential to use it at the right time of day. It may be a great way to boost your energy, but it can also disrupt your sleep patterns at night.

Q: Do I need to apply the Planet Fitness lotions?

A: You don’t need any lotions to get the best out of your Total Body Enhancement machine. Using a moisturizer after the operation may be beneficial to help keep your skin hydrated.

Q: Can I use the Total Body Enhancement Machine while wearing a dress?

A: You can put clothing in the washer. Let the red light shine fully onto the skin you wish to treat is better.

Q: Can I use Total Body Enhancement while wearing contacts?

A: Contacts can be worn in the machine safely, but if your eyes are sensitive, they may cause dryness.

Q: Should I wear sunglasses or another type of eye protection?

A: Total Body Enhancement uses non-UV red light that is not harmful to the eyes. You may need to protect your eyes from the bright lights.

Q: Is Total Body Enhancement an indefinite treatment that will not show results?

A: After achieving the desired results, you can use the machine once to twice weekly for maintenance.

Q: Can pregnant women use Total Body Enhancement?

Pregnant women cannot use the Total Body Enhancement machine.

Q: Can I use the Total Body Enhancement machine every day?

A: You should wait at least 48 hours before you use the Total Body Enhancement machine again.

Q: Does Planet Fitness cost $10 per month?

A: Planet Fitness offers many membership options. The Black Card member pays $10 upfront and $19.99 monthly for a minimum of 12 months. You will pay $249.88 per year for this card, but there are some attractive perks.

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Q: Planet Fitness has a sauna?

Unfortunately! You cannot use the sauna. However, the Total Body Enhancement machine can be used. It uses red light and produces the same results as the infrared sauna.


Planet Fitness offers Total Body Enhancement, a great option if you want to add an extra dimension to your workout routine. You will enjoy a better workout and additional health benefits. If you use the Total Body Enhancement machine regularly, you can achieve goals and see results you didn’t expect.

There are many other options if you don’t love Planet Fitness Total Body Empowerment. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Here are the steps to cancel your Planet Fitness subscription.

Planet Fitness offers a total body enhancement service called planet fitness. Do you wear clothes? It’s known as Red Light Therapy.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement red-light therapy?

It isn’t.

What is Planet Fitness Body Enhancement, and how can it help you?

Planet Fitness, a company specializing in health and fitness, provides members with high-quality equipment at a reasonable price.

How many calories can you lose using total body enhancement?

It is hard to calculate the calories total body enhancement can burn as each person is different. The average amount of calories you burn per hour depends on your height and weight.