Planet Fitness Guest Access Rules – Can You Bring Guests to Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness Guest Access Rules

Planet Fitness does not allow guests, but you can still invite your friends to the gym.

Planet Fitness has a guest age requirement. These are the rules for inviting guests to Planet Fitness. These rules should be known before you visit the gym. They will differ depending on your membership status and age.

Are you interested in a Planet Fitness membership? Do you have questions about joining the gym? Perhaps you want to do a quick workout at the gym.

The Planet Fitness Guest Pass can give you a great insight into how the gym works and what it might do for your needs. Please continue reading to learn more about the pass and its features.

How do I obtain a Planet Fitness Guest Pass?

Planet Fitness guest passes are free and allow members to invite friends or family to the gym. Visitors will have access to a variety of gym services. However, the type of facilities they can use will depend on their membership level.

Is it possible for any guest to Planet Fitness?

You can bring anyone to the gym, provided they are 18 years old.

Is there a minimum age for visitors?

Planet Fitness’ guest pass regulations allow you to bring up to 13-year-old visitors to Planet Fitness, provided they have parental consent and are accompanied by a parent. The visitor must also be at least 18 years of age. Remember to bring a photo ID for any visitors. They will only be permitted to enter if they have a picture ID.

Is the Guest Pass able to be used multiple times?

Planet Fitness’ guest pass policy states that you can only use it once per day. However, this could vary depending on where you are located. Check with your local Planet Fitness club for more information.

However, if you have a Planet Fitness Black Card, you can bring a visitor each time you visit the gym. (at any facility, unlimited visitor rights).

Benefits of having a guest pass

Planet Fitness offers a host of perks, including a complimentary visitor ticket. Although you will not be allowed to use all the amenities of the gym if you are a regular guest member, you can still use most of them, including the free Wi-Fi.

You’ll have access to most of the gym’s facilities if someone with a Black Card membership accompanies you. Below are some of the incredible benefits that visitors may be able to enjoy.

Exercise Programs

To help with their fitness regimens, guests can take part in a complimentary fitness training session at the gym. You’ll have access to weights, leg presses, and treadmills. Personal trainers are also available for a short workout.

People who work long hours or study for long periods can reap the benefits of exercise. Experts will often recommend that people get at least moderate exercise. Many large clubs host sporting events that award a medal to the top finishers. Many gyms give out medals to members who excel in their sport. This is an excellent way of attracting people to take up sports. Marathons often award medals to all who finish the race. We see many runners posting photos on social media with happy faces and holding up medals full of accomplishments.

Wi-Fi is free.

After you’ve finished exercising, enjoying a message, or enjoyed a conversation, you can use any of the required applications to log your workouts or listen to music, or surf the internet with free Wi-Fi.


Planet Fitness offers a tanning service open to all Black Card members. This gym has spray tanning stations and tanning beds.

HydroMassage and Massage Chairs can be used.

You can unwind at the gym in the HydroMassage or massage chair. This equipment can relieve sore muscles from exercise, reduce tension, and improve sleep quality.


A gym can provide you with a quick and stylish new haircut. A skilled stylist will cut you in your preferred style.

You can use the lockers or showers.

You can shower in the area after your workout. A locker may be provided to keep your belongings safe.

Lower Prices for Cooler Drinks

Any more relaxed drink bought in the gym will be discounted. Cooling down with these cooled drinks (water, sodas, Gatorade, and protein shakes) can be a great way to cool off after a hard workout.

Reebok Products at a Discount

Reebok products can be purchased at the gym as a Black Card member. This is similar to buying more fabulous drinks. If you’re a cardholder visiting the cardholder, you can get goods at a discounted rate.

Black Card members have many perks, depending on where you live. You may only be able to use some of the amenities at some clubs, so double-check.  

Additional Points to Be Considered

In addition to the above information, there are a few other things you should be aware of. The first is to make the most of these benefits in your club.

Planet Fitness members may use their facilities at any location, but their guests are not allowed. If you would like to invite a friend, please do so at your nearest Planet Fitness.

Remember that guests must stay with the host. Many clubs only allow visitors to roam around the club on their own if accompanied by a member. To ensure that your visitor can use the gym safely, it is essential to stay with them.

These guidelines are part of the Planet Fitness guest policy. You must follow them to ensure that your visit runs smoothly.


Planet Fitness visitor passes are a great way to get to know the club.

You can try many facilities, especially if you are a Black Card member. This will allow you to see how the gym differs from what you expected.

The pass allows you to access a great exercise and decide whether you want to subscribe.

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Many members have asked, “Can you bring a guest into planet fitness?” Planet Fitness does not permit guests to use its premises. However, they offer a guest pass.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Fitness allows you to bring someone free of charge

That question is not permitted.

How many people can Planet Fitness accommodate at once?

Planet Fitness allows only two people at a given time.

Planet Fitness offers unlimited guest privileges.

Members can bring friends to the club for no cost by purchasing unlimited guest privileges.