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Gorgeous Braided Styles

Braiding is a very popular hairstyle that many celebrities have tried. Braiding is easy and takes little time. It looks great! These are some ways to create your braided hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles that are quick and easy for black hair, which is healthy and beautiful.

Summer is all about plaits. You can be creative with braiding your hair by making different shapes and adding embellishments. We know how overwhelming the endless list of braided hairstyles can be so we have narrowed it down for you.

Braids for every occasion: Hairstyles with braids

These are the most common shapes you will see braids in:

If your hair is long and silky, you can braid all the strands in one. You can wear it around your head, or hang it over your shoulder in the traditional milkmaid fashion. It is delicate and feminine in all cases.

Multiple braids mean that hair is cut into small pieces. You will need to have the time and expertise to do box braids or cornrows.

Partial braids are when you stop braiding after reaching the full length. These are often used to indicate the transition between two different haircuts. They give you a lot more flexibility.

1. Braids that have been fed in

This is a professional style. They will braid and knot flawless, long strands that can be ‘fed’ to your natural hair without putting stress on your head.

2. Braids in an Afro Updo

Braids that are integrated into this gorgeous updo will improve and blend both styles seamlessly. This updo is excellent for any length of hair!

3. Braids inverted and topped with buns

You can turn your braids upside-down and make beautiful buns at the top of your head. Although it seems complicated, it’s straightforward.

4. Ponytail braided

A braided ponytail is, despite its simplicity, one of the most accessible styles to wear for any occasion. To hide the elastic, wrap a portion of your braids around your base.

5. Braids with Waterfall

This French braiding derivation is feminine and beautiful. Instead of weaving your hair together, stop at the top and let your long hair fall naturally.

6. Half-done box braids

Although box braids look great, it is best to leave your ends untied.

7. Katniss Braids

Are you a fan? It won’t take long to try two Dutch side braids and throw one over your shoulder.

8. Box braids available in a variety of colors

It may also be called two-toned box braids. It’s stunning when the opposite hues complement each other. You don’t even need accessories to make a statement.

9. Crown Braid

Double French or Dutch braids at the crown of your head will make you look like a princess. This is why this hairstyle is so famous for proms and weddings.

10. Hair of a Mermaid

This braid is also known as the “rib cage braid,” It can be challenging to master. However, the final product looks like something you would find in a fantasy comic book. Start by braiding a simple plait in a ponytail. Next, twist a small strand of hair and tie it in the braid. You can do this on both sides. Keep the braid at half-length.

11. Snake Braid

All you need to achieve this look is a simple braiding technique! Start by braiding your hair from the temples. Then, reveal the design and connect the braids. This is a simple but beautiful technique.

12. Braided Ombre Hair

Braid is an excellent companion to ombre hair, no matter if you are a brunette or a more exotic color like fairy blue and pastel pink. The pattern allows for seamless transitions of colors.

13. Braids & Undercut

Either show off your bold undercut or hide it with braids. Who wouldn’t love to look elegant and powerful?

14. Faux Fishtail

This bubble ponytail can be a great alternative to the traditional fishtail. This has a bohemian vibe to it.

15. Cornrow in one row

Traditional cornrows are a great way to look fashionable without braid your entire head. A single cornrow can be embellished with a color thread.

Different Braided Hairstyles Techniques

You’ll have more options when it comes time to attend an event if you know more about braiding techniques—your hair texture, length, volume, and strength all influence the choice of braiding technique.

3-Strand Technique (Classic)

This is the best way to begin if you are a beginner. Even children can learn to do this with the proper guidance.

Split the desired hair from the rest and divide it into three equal pieces. Each strand should be placed on top of the last one. Continue to alternate until you achieve the desired length. Secure the braid with a hair tie or any accessory you choose.


Braids de France

The hair will be managed in the same way as a traditional braid. However, you’ll work from the roots and not the neck. French braids are different because they start with very little hair and then gradually increase.

The hair strands hang loosely but are tied by the roots and then braided on top. The braid’s weight won’t be felt.

The Dutch version has each hairpiece alternated underneath and not over the other.

Braids for Plait

This method uses the same concept of alternation, except that you will be adding strands to your mix. An inexperienced person will need help remembering which strand is on top. Depending on your ability level, you can add as many strands as you wish. You can start with 4 to 5 strands and increase your confidence as you progress.

Braids that look like fishtails

Although the mermaid style is one of our favorite summer hairstyles, it can take time and effort.

We’ll first divide the issue into two sections. Start by taking a small tassel off the underside of the hair and pulling it to the opposite side. Then, do the same on the other end. Although it can be confusing and challenging at first, the end result is well worth it.

Braids made of Rope

The rope method is a more modern approach than the traditional one. It only requires two hair tassels. We will twist the strands in opposite directions, twist them together, and tie the ends with a decorative tie. The various twists hold the strands together.

Braids on the Ladder

There are many ways to make ladder braids.

The original ladder was two-stranded, with the third serving as a rung.

The second technique creates a loop-ladder effect by weaving strands around an anchor ponytail.

Braids of Lace

This is similar to the French braid, except that you will braid your ends together instead of braiding your hair in your head. This is a great way to grow bangs and front layers. It keeps your hair neat.

Braids Crochet

Some people may be confused by the hidden purpose of these braids. They are essential in hairstyling but have greater importance than you might think. They are so small that they can hold hair extensions in position and conceal the joints. However, expert knowledge is required to achieve flawlessly woven and safe results.

Braids in the Lattice

You may have seen a basket with threads both horizontally and vertically braided. It’s possible to do the same thing with your hair, but it will take time and assistance as there are many parts that you need help seeing. Partner may check the stability of the lattice and make any necessary changes.


What are the most popular braids?

Cornrows are a popular style for black men and women. They preserve hair and allow for creativity. You can braid cornrows and create a variety of styles.

What is the most straightforward braiding technique?

The traditional 3-strand method is the easiest for novices. You will only add strands to simple designs. Instead, you will limit your choices by sticking to a certain amount of hair.

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Last Thoughts

Another thing to mention is that hair quality and appearance will significantly influence the final result. A well-maintained hair will be able to accept changes much more quickly, so it is essential to use high-quality hair care products such as those from Perseve Hair.


Braiding is a traditional and popular hairstyle. You can wear one of these braided styles anytime and for any occasion. This is a great way to change your hairstyle and make people notice. Which would you prefer? Which do you prefer, the simple 3-strand or the elegant goddess style? Please let us know!

This article shows how to style braided hair cutely and easily for black girls.